Tuesday, September 30

My Favorite Three

Thanks to my good friend, Polly for recommending them to me, these are my all-time three favorite books. They are the only books I ever remember reading more than once. I just re-read them and finished the third one last night, under Brainy Boy's jealous gaze. I actually had to rush through the last few pages because he was trying to snatch it out of my hand. Of the three, the Giver is my #1 favorite because it makes me think about what it would have been like if God hadn't given us a free will.

If you try one out, the only rule is that the Messenger needs to go last. Between the other two, it doesn't matter which you read first.

Monday, September 29

Mother Daughter Weekend at El Rancho

This weekend, Little Chic and I went to a local Christian ranch and did all sorts of camp-y stuff. Besides the trail ride on the horses, the 55-foot Alpine Tower was definitely the experience of the weekend. I will brag a bit and say that I was the only non-kid who made it to the top of the tower via the most difficult moving path, Jacob's Ladder. Here's Little Chic showing me how it's done. My own proof is on Girlfriend's camera. Perhaps I'll post my own feat when she sends me the picture. We also rode the 45-foot Alpine swing, which took much less effort and a lot more courage for those of us who are terrified of heights.

For those who didn't get the thrill of the tower, we also did the typical camp stuff like making stuff in the craft cottage, taking a moonlit hayride and eating S'mores around the camp fire. Oh, and not being able to sleep in the cabin with 9 other people snoring, getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and whispering long after lights were out ;) That would explain the 3-hour nap I took when I got home yesterday morning!

Sunday, September 21

Us Four

It's nice to have talented friends with cameras! These pics were taken during our LittleChurch Group today (small group from church) by my overachiever girlfriend who hosted the group, fixed some of the food and then took family pics of everybody that was there. Somehow she found time to convert one into black & white. And she even has to work tomorrow.

Friday, September 19

From the Front Lines of Middle School

Brainy Boy started at the middle school for 7th grade this year. Let me tell ya, it's a whole different world over there! Among the myriad of changes including a variety of teachers' expectations, locker combinations and starting school at 7:30 a.m., a new awareness of physical appearance has also come into existence.

The most recent problem occurred this morning while getting ready for school. From the bathroom I hear....

"Ma, can you do something about my eyebrows? They're fusing together."

If that's the hardest problem I get, I'm in great shape.

Thursday, September 18

Little Chic is 11

My sweet girl is turning 11 today. It's hard to grasp that she is in 6th grade. I remember being that age and I think of myself being SO much older at that stage than she is! She has been commenting all week to everyone that we see that "nothing special is happening on Thursday." It behooves us all to ask why that is, just to see the satisfaction on her face when she gets to "remind" us all that it's her birthday. As if we could forget. We'll be going to dinner tonight where we will coyly inform the waitress that it's "somebody's" birthday and Little Chic can act like she doesn't really want anybody to know. And she'll be thrilled when they bring her a special dessert and sing the restaurant theme song to her in front of everybody. But only on the inside. She'll act like she can't imagine HOW in the world these strangers know it's her birthday and that it's just so embarrassing. I love that about her.

This girl is definitely the one who keeps the music in our family. She wakes up chipper with a song in her head and sets the mood of happiness and a carefree spirit for the rest of the day. She is the most thoughtful of children that I've ever met and her little life is lived with compassion and joy.

I have become a better person for having the privilege of being her mom.

Wishing Harry Well

This guy, Harry Brown, is my uncle, although at only 10 years older than me, he was more of an older brother when I was growing up. He is having surgery today for a large cancerous tumor and we're asking for mercy from God for a good outcome and prognosis.

At Number 9 out of 10 children, he is dearly loved by his kids and his wife, Ela, lots of siblings, nieces, nephews and extended family. Some of his family members are with him today as well as a few close friends who are waiting anxiously to hear the results of his surgery. I wish I could be there.

I'm asking you to remember him too, and think of us all today as we are praying for a miracle.

Wednesday, September 17

Will Blog for Prizes

Janet, who blogs over at Across the Page gave me an award today! Believe me. It's been AGES since I've won anything. And I haven't even been attentive to Ya'll. I don't fancy myself creative, but I do like creations of all sorts. So "Awwww, Thanks, Janet!"