Saturday, April 12

Three Truths and A Lie

In an effort to be intriguing, I decided to bring this popular game to the blogdom. If you wanna play along, you have to guess which three "facts" are true about me and which one is not. It's simple....or not.

1) I've been struck by lightening....with no scars to show for it.
2) I was hit by a car while biking....and the driver looked at me in horror and sped off.
3) I mustered my courage and went bungee jumping...but due to my fear of heights, I vowed I never would again (well-unless I'm required by the Amazing Race WHEN I compete some day).
4) I taught a class at a SUNY college...and I have no college degree.

Answers will be revealed under separate post at my next whim ;)

8 of Your THINKS:

Melanie said...

How fun! I'm going to guess #1 is not true. Although it probably is true because it is the least believable.

Anonymous said...

I think it's #3.


Debbie said...

I'll say #4

laurie said...

I'd say #3?

Tim said...

I think it's number 1. I remember hearing about #2; #3 sounds like you!; #4 - i know you could do it!

Bob said...

I'm betting on #3. I know you're corageous ( I stood next to you as you sang a solo in church today,) but if you have a true fear of heights, there's no way you could have brought yourself to bungie jump.


Truckin Teeds said...

I'm guessin #1 :o)

tim said...