Wednesday, April 2

I Have My Way

After 13 years of service, my dishwasher (that I've been hating for the last year) has sprung a leak. Hallelujah! I like the way it looks. I even like how it fits all my stuff in nicely. I just don't like residue. I've been experimenting with different detergents and pre-rinsing and good gravy...I've even taken the dad-blame thing apart twice. Myself. With my Tomboy Tools and the directions I found on the Repair Clinic. I got it all back together too-the right way. But it's just not been working right and I've been whining about it. Muh Main Man has valiantly been ignoring my blubbering, but tonight the sorry thing had mercy on me and sprung a leak. It landed on Muh Main Man's head in the basement and wah-lah...he's commissioned me to pick out a new one tomorrow. Weird that just as the thing is heading out the door, I'm starting to like it!

1 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

Well now if that didn't make me chuckle. Have fun finding your brand spankin' new one! I'm sure in no time you'll become best buds!