Saturday, November 3

CAUGHT in the Act!!

I've already tired of the role of Candy Police in the aftermath of Halloween and frankly, it's just become easier to eat the loot myself rather than to continually monitor the intake of the Short People. I was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible and my sneaking was advancing tolerably well. It became more difficult once I made Little Chic sort through and discard anything she didn't like. What was I thinking?! Add to that fact that we both like the same things, and it's become Mission Impossible, People.

So I was rummaging through her bag the other day before she got home from school, looking for something that I like that she wouldn't miss immediately. There was nothing in that category. My next step was to look for something that she really shouldn't have anyway. I settled for the regular-sized bag of M&Ms and left the more appropriate-sized mini bag for her. I devoured the thing and promptly forgot all about it. That night after dinner, we all heard a wail coming from the vicinity of the Halloween candy bag. Little Chic was furiously upset that Somebody had eaten the full-sized bag of M&Ms that she was intentionally saving for Just. This. Moment. The worst part about it was that all of us were assembled together in full view of the guilty party. Brainy Boy was sitting there looking all bewildered and innocent-like. Muh Main Man was sitting there, half wondering if it was DogSpot since it surely couldn't be ME since I'm on the last leg of a quest to lose a few more pounds before Thanksgiving. I was sitting there wondering how I was going to bluff my way out of this one. In the end, there was just no bluffing to be done. And I'm usually a champion bluffer. I came clean, admitted that I ate them and promised to immediately buy her another package. It worked out well that I was heading for the drug store at that moment to pick up a prescription. Otherwise I would have been heading there just for the candy.

I dashed to the store, and inadvertently picked up the new Ogre-sized M&Ms to replace the ones I had eaten. Now, why couldn't the ones in the Halloween bag have been Ogre-sized to make all my shame and humiliation a little more worth it ?!

5 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness my boys don't like ALmond Joys...that is all they would let me have!


Debbie said...

Well this gave me one really big laugh. Well told from the horse's mouth! P.S. I KNOW I would have done the same thing too! (smile)

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Thanks for the laugh!

Patriot said...

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Thanks! Please help spread the word!

Melanie said...

Well, since we took Hailey trick-or-treating and she's a bit young for candy- I guess you know who has been eating all of her candy. Not good for my diet.