Wednesday, August 1

Rug Doctor

My carpets have been in need of serious attention and rather than hire somebody to clean them, in true do-it-yourself fashion, I rented a Rug Doctor last night and started the healing process myself this morning. It cost me over $300 to have somebody clean 2 small bedrooms and very small hallway last time I had it done professionally, so the $26 rental fee for the extra-wide model, as well as the fact that you can get them anywhere from Eckerd's to the grocery store sounded really good.

I have to say that other than the 3 hours of sweat-inducing effort, it was a pretty simple task. I won't even tell you about the water I dumped. I can't quite bring myself to confess the state of it. Let's just say I've resolved to do this job a lot more often from now on.

Most satisfying was that I did the entire job myself, including moving the necessary furniture, going to get the apparatus, and working the machine--including all necessary dumpage and refilling. Well, maybe not the entire job. There are some furniture pieces that need to be moved back after the carpet is dry tonight. I may muster up some help for that...but not because I need it. Just because I don't feel like doing it all myself.

4 of Your THINKS:

Paula said...

Hey, great minds think alike! I just cleaned my carpets three days ago. If you can, please join me in prayers for CJ at my site today. Thanks my friend!

Debbie said...

I've been one to tackle my own carpet cleaning too. I have my studio cleared out and it's just an empty room in there. I just tackled the carpet in there last week. However, I cheated; I had help moving all the stuff out plus seven hundred pounds of clay too. Well, I used the dolly for that job. Speaking of that, I have a mess to clean up now that the tile guy is gone.

Melanie said...

Don't tell my carpets. They'll be jealous and think they need a good cleaning too!

fitline said...

my carpets need to be cleaned as well :)