Friday, August 17

Reflecting in the Lake

In case we party hardy with the in-laws this week, I might run short on screen time. And I wouldn't want to keep you waiting. Because I know you are dying to know how our last camping trip in El Pop-up went. It was dandy. I hated to see it end. Partially because I was coming back to a messy house. So it goes.

Some of the highlights were...DogSpot learning that a place by the campfire is much more pleasing than on her lawn blanket all by herself. She will be needing her own camp chair next time, because I'm not giving mine up again.

A visit to the rope swing was a real hit. Muh Main Main is learning what it felt like for his parents when he did all his daredevil stunts. He does not enjoy the sensation of his heart in his throat.....

....and DogSpot's first introduction to aquatic animals. It was quite alarming for this most cowardly member of our family.

We only had two minor mishaps during our trip. First, Muh Main Man got all sentimental-like and decided he needed to purchase a small log cabin that burns incense. His mama used to have one under the Christmas tree, and apparently it brought back fond memories. When the incense is burning in the cabin, it makes it look like the chimney has smoke coming out of it. It was adorable until the "balsam fir" scent began to smell curiously like cigarettes. Now the camper needs a hefty dose of Febreeze.

The second issue happened on our morning of departure. Muh Main Man went to the beach to get the fishing boat ready to load up. He scurried back to the camper to announce that the boat had been stolen! It had completely disappeared from the beach. After donning his official Tactical Medic T-shirt, his Sheriff's ball cap and grabbing his pistol, he took off to find the culprit. Turns out that either the wind, or more likely some rowdy teenagers playing a prank, had pushed the boat off the shore and it had floated completely out of sight. It took a spin around the lake in a friend's boat to locate it. Luckily we retrieved it--I was really not looking forward to the return trip home without Muh Main Man's most favorite camping possession. It was really going to ruin my day and even my new Explorer wouldn't have been enough to cheer us up. But all turned out well and we made it home in one piece.

The kids only complaint was that DogSpot takes her half out of the middle when riding in the car.

3 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

Eeek. That pic of Lil' chic on the rope swing looks like a lot of fun (unless you're the parents of course!) Glad you had a good time & the the pop-top was a hit.

Debbie said...

I loved the pictures and enjoyed hearing all about your trip. Just loved that pic of Little Chic! Although I can understand the uneasiness of you guys watching your baby up there. Sounds like you had such a great time and so glad yer main man found your boat! My goodness what a fiasco!

Jen M. said...

We love lake vacations, too! Just got back from one - and as much as I tried to have the house spotless before we left - there was a lot for me to do when we got home. Sigh. Oh for the live-in housekeeper (that comes with the lottery prize money).