Friday, August 10

I'm a Redneck....But Don't Tell Me!!

I'm coming to the sad conclusion that Muh Main Man has had some, um, "unfortunate" influence on my taste. He has always been proud of the fact that he's a little bit "country" but that's a tendency I strive to stay way, far away from. However on our last few camping trips, we've seen all these people with little nameplates on their campsites, and I took a hankering to wanting one. I figured Muh Main Man would think it un-manly like, but apparently if it has to do with anything out of doors, then even decorations will get a thumbs up.

My good friend, Angel, jumped to the task and used her creative juices from her business, Take It Personal, and whipped me out this little gem. She even took pity on my car-less state and delivered it to me in time for our trip tomorrow. Now I can be in full campsite fashion and I'll be the envy of every tree-hugger out there.

It may be too teeny to read, but the signpost on the bottom says "Pop-up, Sweet Pop-up"!

4 of Your THINKS:

Melanie said...

That is adorable. I love it!!

Rochelle said...

I love it tooo! How cool is that?

Jenn Jones said...

How fun...and creative!

Debbie said...

What talent your friend has and that sign will be ‘The Talk Of The Town’, I meant camp! ENJOY!