Friday, August 17

Home, Hectic Home

You know how it feels to come home to a nice clean house all refreshed from vacation, ready to get back in the groove? Good, because I don't either. Due to the mayhem caused by my lemon of a van last week, it was a whirlwind getting out of here Saturday morning on our camping trip. Frankly, I was glad to leave my messy house behind. We pulled in last night, lurched into the driveway, and I was greeted with the pleasant sight of my new Explorer. That's where the nice ended.

While camping, we got the thrilling news that company was coming a week early. Now don't get me wrong...I love my in-laws and am very happy they are coming. It always means lots of fun for us and the kids (and lots of free dinners out!) BUT, the urge to impress just doesn't get fulfilled when I have a 24-hour window to clean up a week's worth of untidiness and another week's worth of camping gear and dirty laundry.

Add on to the excitement of getting home with the other nice discovery that a bat was in the house. I am telling people that it came in while we are unpacking. I am denying the possibility that it had been in for any time while we were away. I do not see bat droppings anywhere, but MonsterPaw (the cat) seemed quite comfortable with jumping five feet in the air to catch the thing. She wasn't successful, but she was looking like she'd had some practice. I was afeared that MonsterPaw was overdue for her rabies shot, but apparently I was on the ball and she's up to date.

Muh Main Man went back to his old trick of breaking out the BB gun to hunt the critter, without luck. The bat found a teensy crack in the top of our stone fireplace, and I'm fooling myself into thinking it sneaked back outside. I don't even know if you can get outside from that route.

We all slept in the master bedroom with the door closed, all except for DogSpot who came home with a case of .... we'll just say, stomach problems. I believe it is from all the cigarette butts she ate while digging to China at our campsite. Her rabies shots are up to date so I felt fairly comfortable leaving her to fend for herself in her crate.

I'm off to impress the ma-in-law, so Ta-Ta for now!

2 of Your THINKS:

Linda said...

That is tooooo funny! I'm sure my granddaughter and nephew in the other room wonder what I am laughing at!! (It was a real LOL post!!)

Debbie said...

Oh my silly bone still has the giggles. I kept giggling aloud while reading through this post.