Monday, June 11

Not What We Bargained For

Some days the best laid plans just go....well, awry. My bulging To-Do list had to be put on hold because Brainy Boy woke up feeling "puny" (as great-grandma would say) in the middle of the night. The symptoms were suspiciously like Little Chic's strep throat a few weeks back, and a trip to the doctor this morning confirmed it. Brainy Boy's weekend sleepover with a friend who was feeling icky, apparently rubbed off on him.

The ironic thing is that Muh Main Man and I chastised Brainy Boy for being irritated at his friend when the friend remained at the sleepover even while feeling poorly (reportedly with a bad cold). Brainy Boy is a notorious germ-o-phobe and Brainy Boy had "encouraged" him to go home because Brainy Boy didn't want to get sick. However the sleepover wasn't at our house - it was at somebody else's and we had to review a few hospitality rules about not dis-inviting other people's guests. We also reminded him that during his sister's stint with strep, he had remained perfectly well and was not likely to catch his buddy's cold.

I just hate it when the kids are right! O well, so it goes...

UPDATE: The mom that hosted the sleepover checked her boy's throat and sure enough, even though he feels completely fine, he tested positive for strep too! He is thrilled that he gets to stay home from school tomorrow just as Brainy Boy will likely be heading back.

4 of Your THINKS:

d-mc said...

Dangit! If i just read the word strep I get it.


Debbie said...

Poor Brainy Boy and so sorry he's feeling miserable.

maryellenhuff said...

Hope he gets to feeling better soon, it's so weird to me that you are still talking about school - when in the world do you guys get out!?!?!

Jen said Hallie's one tonsil is the size of a walnut this morning, hope she isn't getting it! She and the kids extended their stay for another week - we're having a great time with them.

Melanie said...

I hope Brainy Boy is feeling better soon!