Wednesday, May 23

American Idol

I love it when dynamic Christians hit the mainstream media and do Christ proud. It's been interesting to see how American Idol has been influenced by Christian music this season. It turns out that last night's songwriting winner, Scott Krippayne, has killer songs on Christian radio, so it was awesome when he and his pastor friend, Jeff Peabody won the contest for This Is My Now.

It's also been exciting to watch Chris Sligh, Phil Stacey and Melinda Doolittle, all committed Christians, perform and place in the top 12 this season.

4 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Does the name of the show negate all of these Christian influences?

JenLo said...

I'd say it's confirmation America wants a good Christian star ;)

SanDiegoClubs said...

Amen to that, JenLo.

d-mc said...

Bebe and Cece rocked it hard! I wish they would tour and record together again.

I totally missed that Scott Krippayne wrote that song.

Hmmmm, I didnt really like the song though.