Friday, April 13

Revolving Door

This week has proved to be a revolving door at our house due to the fact that Easter break combined with immobility is causing the days to drag on a bit. Grandma left on Tuesday and the kiddos have had friends over Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Little Chic also tried her hand at a splatter paint workshop put on by our local paint-your-own-pottery place in town and they've had a couple of meetings with their Destination Imagination team since the competition day is rapidly approaching.

Needless to say, I've not gotten much marked off my To-Do list which is always a cause of consternation for me, but the flurry of taxiing small people to and fro, providing an assortment of snacks and generally overseeing the fun has been worthwhile nonetheless.

All the visitors were duly impressed with Brainy Boy's prowess at navigating and manipulating his wheelchair around and all were a bit disappointed that he didn't need their pushing power to help get him where he was going. It seems to be the goal of every kid who comes to visit to try their hand at pushing an occupied wheelchair but Brainy Boy prefers to provide his own power.

We end the week with softball practice for Little Chic as well as helping Muh Main Man get ready for an out-of-town trip. It's going to be interesting not having him here for the final days of Brainy Boy's encasement, but I've managed during the workday, so I'm sure I'll survive. It will be an interesting excursion into the doctor's office on Wednesday to get the casts off, but dad will just have to see Brainy Boy's new feet when he gets back in town.

Here's hoping that all you readers are in a much more balmy, spring-like environment than we are around here. We are expecting our last Hoorah! of winter this weekend with a storm bringing snow and sleet. And if you've never tried it, it is impossible to stretch any type of socks over the exposed toes of a kid wearing casts! So Brainy Boy's toes are going to be freezing...

3 of Your THINKS:

Melanie said...

Sounds like an interesting week at your house! I sure do hope this is the last Hoorah of winter this weekend. Ya just never know here in NY!!

Debbie said...

Everyone certainly has quite the schedule at your house. Happy Weekend!

Kris said...

Good luck with DI! I know how frantic the weeks leading up to competition can be.