Friday, April 6

Obstacles & Accomplishments

Brainy Boy has adjusted to his wheelchair well. Too well. He parked his 10-year-old hiney in it on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm and has barely moved since. He has totally and completely mastered the art of maneuvering around our house (which is in no way disability-friendly) and has had only banged up one piece of moulding on our very narrow bathroom doorway. I have cajoled and nagged him to get out of the chair to no avail. I have to insist that he use the bathroom for fear of an emergency and a wet carpet. And then he gets right back in that darned chair. Apparently he thinks it's comfortable. He's also mastered the art of getting in and out of it on his own. Even from the toilet.

I did go and spend $58 on two very effective cast protectors so he could take a shower (he sits on the floor of it). He was really looking forward to 14 days of no bath, but nothing doing in this house. I can barely stand the thought of him skipping even a day, but the hassle it takes to get him all set up will probably dictate an every other day schedule, especially when Muh Main Man travels next week.

I also laid down the law and said that he can continue to be a recluse until Monday (he has refused any and all offers to take him out to restaurants, which is amazing for him) but after that, he is getting out. He is in absolutely no pain and is going to start getting grumpy from XBox overload pretty soon - oh wait, that's me. Anyway, we're getting him out of here wearing one of his three pair of snap-up-the-leg wind pants that I bought right before his surgery.

And one more thing - no more candy sundae deliveries needed from the florist. Easter is coming, Ya'll. He's going to need oral surgery after this ordeal is over if he gets any more sugar.

5 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

I was wondering when you said "X box overload" whether that is even possible for a 10 yr old boy!...but his Mom? Yeah.
I'm glad Brainy Boy is adjusting to the inconveniences of wheelchair living & thankfully it won't be for a lengthy amount of time..for ALL affected.

Debbie said...

I'm thrilled he's doing so well and feeling pain free. I hope he's ready to get out for some new scenery soon.

I tend to get very stir crazy after being cooped up for a while.

Anonymous said...

You could always move the remote control for the TV and the X-box controllers to the places he needs to go to (like the shower) so that he has to mauever around to get there...great news that he is pain free...I'm sure you are all thrilled about that one!


Melanie said...

Wonderful news that Brainy Boy isn't in any pain! How funny that he would be happy to go 2 weeks without a shower! That will all change in a few years.

tim said...

It's encouraging to read good "spin" on the wheel- chair experience. There's got to be some tough times for all of you but you're doing a great job with it.