Thursday, March 22

Probably the Only Gadget I Don't Need

I've admitted before that I'm a shameless gadget sucker. I'm always on the lookout for the newest, greatest miracle tool. The ironic thing is that I am not the gullible type and I tend way more on the skeptical side. For some reason, the process of proving (or in most cases, disproving) the claim is just FUN!

Anyway, my ears perked right up when I was working today and heard gadget-names like "Paradigm, H-Tron, Cozmo, Animas, AccuCheck Spirit, Medronic" and such. It was really exciting when I saw there are accessories called "Pumpwear" to go along with all these gizmos, because I just love accessories. Half of these names sound electronic Star Wars toys my boy would enjoy messing around with. It was a real downer when I realized they were all insulin pumps for diabetics.

However, I'm thankful nobody in my household needs to buy one of these.

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Debbie said...

Oh my, you got me all psyched, if you find any cool and new gadgets, please let us be the first to know.

Funny thing, a gal knocked on our door the other day and as you know, I don't answer my door unless I know you or am expecting you. Anyways, she came back later that evening when I wasn't home and Bobby answered the door (I was late getting home from my class). She tried selling him all sorts of cleaners and Bobby was telling me what a great sales lady she was. He informed me that she would be back the next day to speak with me and try making a sale. Bobby knowing me grinned really big when I told him she would have to knock on the door until he got home if she wanted someone to answer.