Monday, March 26

Fireman on Duty

As I was watching Amazing Race last night (and talking on the phone at the same time) I heard Muh Main Man holler up that he had a fire. Not thinking this at all unusual, I answered 'OK' and assumed he'd left the building. A couple of minutes later, I noticed a putrid smell wafting to the upstairs floor, and I hurried to tell Muh Main Man to get his stinky fire gear out of the house. I thought it a bit weird that he was sitting on the couch watching TV so I asked him why he wasn't at the fire.

He began to relate that it was "WE" that had a fire, not "HE". Brainy Boy decided to make some microwave popcorn in perhaps what is my most beloved and most used gadget in the house - my Samsung combination toaster oven/microwave. Rather than hitting the microwave button, he hit the toaster button (which is clearly separated and marked a different color ) and proceeded to literally fire up his bag of popcorn. When he checked to see if it was done, he found a fully involved fire inside my microwave!

Lucky for us all, the machine was still working this morning (with only a bit of scorching on the rooftop) and all frozen waffles were safely prepared.

5 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

Glad your Main Man was able to rush right to the fire and take care of things in good order. It's also a bonus your microwave was spared; I don't know what I'd do without mine.

Mary Ellen said...

Kind of gives new meaning to the phrase, "Oops, I burned the popcorn!"

Melanie said...

Good thing ya had a firefighter right there in the house!

Panda-Mom said...

Eeeeewe! Burnt popcorn is one of THE worst smells to get out!

The little Pledge story had me laughing out loud!
; )

Rochelle said...

Thank goodness you can still toast your waffles :) ....and that there was no other damage of course!