Thursday, March 8

Bad Way to Start the Day

Ya know what's gross? Day old coffee. Ya know what's grosser? Day old coffee when you are expecting fresh brewed.

I received this awesome coffee pot for Christmas from Muh Main Man. You can imagine that it was a big hit since everybody knows how I love and depend on my coffee. Anyway, the best feature of this particular style is that there is no carafe to clean. The coffee stays inside the pot and you push a dispenser button to get it out.

The only drawback is that you don't actually see the coffee in the pot unless you look at the little measure window on the front. That means you have to remember to dump the old coffee before you make a fresh batch.

Since I detest mornings and since my love language is Acts of Service, Muh Main Man has cashed in on those two tidbits of information for me and regularly sets up the coffee pot the night before so it is brewed and ready when I wake up in the morning.

This morning was an exception since he came home yesterday afternoon with symptoms of the flu, and I was on my own this morning. That was not a good thing. I made my new pot of coffee, forgetting to dump out the cold remains of yesterday. Luckily I drank enough yesterday to leave the container only half full, so the fresh half pot didn't overflow the tank. That's lucky because the gross lukewarmness only went into my coffee cup and not over the entire counter.

I considered settling for the half-n-half. But after microwaving the first cup in desperation and drinking it on the way to drop the wee ones at school, I decided I couldn't deal and made myself a proper brew once I returned home. All I can say is Muh Main Man needs to be back on his feet by 9pm tonight to get things situated or I'm gonna be in a bad way come the weekend!

3 of Your THINKS:

Mary Ellen said...

Please tell me that with all the germs he comes into contact with being an EMT that he gets a flu shot!?!!? Hope he recovers soon, if you don't get your morning half pot, er cup of coffee your blogs will take on a whole new tone. "-)

Truckin Teeds said...

My husband can totally relate! He's not so pleasant to be around until his 2nd or 3rd cup. First thing I bought when we started driving was a coffee pot that plugs into the cig. lighter! :)
Hope your hubby is up and around again soon!

Debbie said...

What a great looking setup you have there. I like getting my pot all set up the night before too. What a bummer when you're pumped for the real deal and get the leftovers. Yuck!!!

Hope your Main Man feels better soon.