Friday, December 1


I'm thinking that the 60 mph winds and possible tornados today will not deal kindly with the garland and bows I strung on my porch yesterday. And I did such a nice job too, using that handy staple gun on my own. This is notable because I don't think I've ever put up garland and bows before, so I'm bummed.

I am cheering myself up by thinking about the bus trip I am taking to NYC on Monday. It will be my first time ever to see the city at Christmas. I'm happy now!

2 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Such a hum dinger about your newly designed porch, hope it didn't do too much dammage.

On the bright side that trip sounds like a real winner! I know I for one would be taking it all in.

Thad said...

I was thinking the same thing about the lights that I had hung on our house that same day. It appears that they all fared well. Although, my American flag on the front of the house woke me up at aroung 1:30 this morning as it flapped in the breeze.