Saturday, September 16

Fan Club

Looking for something to read? Try this book just out, written by the dad of my church's Youth Pastor. It's a bio about Gene Moore, Tara Beth's granddad. As the book says, "He was a baseball prodigy. At the age of fifteen, Gene Moore was a boy, playing like a man, in a game where men, play like boys. Headed for baseball stardom with the Brooklyn Dodgers, his destiny was interrupted by Pearl Harbor. His life... and maybe our national pastime...would be forever altered."

I went and bought my copy yesterday since it was the day of release and I'm gonna hand it over early when Mr. Moore comes for his book signing at Barnes & Noble. I'm sort of a groupie like that. The sales guy at B&N was laughing when he told me the author's daughter had been in earlier that day and insisted that he buy it right away and read it. I thought I'd help her a little with her marketing efforts.

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