Tuesday, August 1

Off the Road, Again

Whew, we're home. I gotta tell you, I've always been one that loves "ramming" as my girlfriends call it--jetting from place to place (usually involving shopping, but it can apply to trips as well) running through the door just in time for hubby to get home, sighing from exhaustion which he could possibly take as a sign that I've been cleaning all day, except for the fact that the house looks like a cyclone hit it. BUT, my old age is catching up with me, and I'm craving a bit of space between jaunts so I can catch my breath and get things in order before I head out again. In any event, I thought you might like to share a few of my observations that I gleaned from my recent double-whammy of a "vacation" as I like to pretend it was. Some of the lessons were from our camping trip, a couple of them were from our road trip to my mom's wedding. I'll start with:

1) When camping, it is best to choose a camping site and then stay there. It sounds interesting to try one site for a night or two, and then move over to perhaps a better site for the rest of the stay, but it's actually crummy. Getting your little "house" all situated and then having to tear it down in the pouring rain because somebody else is coming to your spot, is the worst. Setting back up in the new spot that is completely soaked, getting your sleeping bag back into the tent without drenching it, is impossible. Besides, it takes way too much time and energy to set up camp today, tear it down tomorrow and set it back up. PS--the idea of just dragging everything over to the new spot rather than tearing down doesn't work either--we tried it.

2) Staying at a camp ground where wild bears don't come around sounds like a good idea. It is actually quite a disappointment for those of the macho persuasion. You regularly see the guys leaving crumbs of bacon, listening intently for what could be a bear-foot in the woods, fussing about how the last campground was so much better since a bear actually tromped through the campsite.

3) People from Vermont apparently don't drive outside their state. While driving 10 hours from NY to NC, I can understand not seeing license plates like Alaska, North and South Dakota and Wyoming. But hey, if Hawaii can be parked at the church in NC, I think Vermont could humor me a little as I do my State license plate game and show up somewhere. And I was almost as peeved at South Carolina as it took me getting back up to Pennsylvania on the way home to be able to check off that little "SC" on my wipe-off mat.

4) New Ford pick-up trucks do not mix well with family trips. The kiddos and I about had our fill as Hero Guy sighed and humphed as we deposited the occasional crumb of cracker or splash of water on his new insides. You'd have thought we were toilet papering his yard the way he reacted as the upholstery got that "lived-in" feel.

5) The guy that marries your mother has relatives that are as leary about you as you are about them. Everyone wonders what the "Other Side" is going to be like, how they will act, what weirdness will appear. It is a great relief to everybody when you all realize that the opposite family is as pleasant, attractive and normal as you are. And that's saying something.

6) Jack Russell Terriers would much rather stay in a kennel than stay at their own home with an elderly aunt checking in on them three times a day. Something about being able to bark at the other doggies, having somebody take you out to walk a couple of times and playing with you helps keep your mind off the fact that your family is gone. Plus, the kennel doesn't really mind if you pee on the floor several times a day because you're lonely--they understand. Your family gets a little irked that every time auntie comes to let you out, you've already demonstrated that you're too bored at home alone and done your business--at least you were nice and kept it off the carpet.

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mary ellen said...

This is only the beginning, I hope, can't wait to read more!

Camping is always an interesting activity isn't it? People either love it or hate it, depending on the conditions, weather and who went it can either be a total blast or something you vow never to do again!

Glad the newest member of the family has a normal family on his side, a relief to all right?

There has to be a family or a couple that would love to have a dog but don't want the all the time committment that you could get to keep mr. jack russell the next time you are away, especially if they have a dog lover kid you can pay $2 a day! Or find another pet loving family you can trade with and you keep their cat, bird, zebra the next time their on vacation.

Welcome back, can't wait to read more about the two trips.

Anonymous said...

I am exhausted reading your blog(though very entertaining!)! You need to sleep in the rest of summer vacation! What a few weeks you have had!!!!!!!
See you soon!

Panda-Mom said...

Hey fellow blogger! I am down here in Texas and happened upon your site through lots of surfing and found that I really like your style! I just began blogging about 10 days ago and JUST figured out how to get links onto my site today. WOOHOO! I feel like a brainiac now! JK Anyways~give me a comment and lets see what's up! I have never been to NY, but desperately want to go there for a visit. BTW how did you get such a CUTE template from Blogger? I want something this cute, too! ; ) pandapalooza.blogspot.com