Wednesday, July 5

Paradise Found

My July 4th evening ended with a 9pm call from a girlfriend suggesting that on Wednesday, we take the kids to a beautiful county park nearby.

I readily accepted her offer and we headed there around 11am to enjoy the sandy beach and small lake (or big pond, whichever way you want to look at it). The weather was fantastically perfect, and it was a little eerie realizing that less than 10 miles away FEMA is visiting the flood zones created by the storm last week. We dragged ourselves out of the park at 4pm to make it home in time for Little Chic's soccer practice.

On a funny side note, while there, I was snapping pictures left and right, attempting to properly document our first calm summer day since school has been out. I was standing by the lifeguard chair when I heard a teenage voice asking "Excuse me, but how much did you pay for that Canon body?" My mind started whirling in confusion, thinking, "My 40-something husband thinks I look pretty good, I do work out and I've lost 6 pounds to get ready for the big wedding but I certainly wouldn't have a body that anybody considers picture perfect, especially not a teenage female lifeguard." Luckily, I just said "Excuse me?" rather than putting my foot in my mouth and she clarified her question--She apparently is a camera buff who would like a digital Canon camera to use with the lenses for her 35mm Canon and she mistook my Fuji for a Canon. Bummer that I'd had my hopes up there for a second.

I've decided that we'll be making this 20 minute trek once a week, both for the beautiful surroundings and for the hopes of scoring some actual compliments by teenagers trying to entertain themselves while they sit by the hour watching other people's kids pretend the sharks are coming in.

5 of Your THINKS:

mary ellen said...

Now THAT looks like fun! What a cool picture. That is so hilarious about the comment - at least you asked what she said before just smiling and saying "Thank you, I work out!"

Debbie said...

What beautiful surroundings! I believe I could stay right there on that beach for a week.

That's funny but in all honesty Jennifer... You do look great!

Thad said...

What kind of body would a "canon body" be anyway? Any word on our paintball re-scheduling?

Tess said...

glad you had such a great day yesterday.

JenLo said...

Well, since Canon is a camera, I assumed she meant I looked good enough to photograph. Hey, I can't help that the teenagers are jealous of me ! (don't I wish)?