Thursday, July 20


This is going to be interesting. We are leaving for a 5-day camping first ever experience tent camping. Hero Guy has been a die-hard backpacker for years, and after getting coerced into one backpack trip, I had my fill of lugging my 35-lbs of housekeeping stuff around like a hermit crab. Thus, the fam has never experienced camping together until last summer, when we borrowed a camper. Surprisingly we all loved it. The kids had a blast, I have to say that I actually enjoyed it since my expectations were low and Hero Guy relented and had to admit that he actually had fun at a campground community rather than being deep in the wilderness.

But I've never done the tenting thing and neither have the kiddos. We'll be gone for five days, and we're talking the real deal....the heart of the Adirondaks. We are at a state campground, so there will be toilets and running water, but we will be repacking the truck every single night with every morsel of food to keep the bears from moving in. The garbage will have to be locked in the facility's secure building by sundown and there is no 'town' to replenish supplies or grab a quick bite to eat at a local establishment.

To make things more interesting, the day we get back I'll be doing a few quick loads of laundry, repacking and we'll be heading out the following morning for North Carolina to attend my mom's wedding.

So my lovelies, I won't be posting for a few days, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of dish to scoop to you when I return. In fact, if I get desperate, I may be able to hijack my dad's computer for a blognote status check so you'll all know I survived.

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mary ellen said...

Oh boy, me thinks the next few blogs will be even more interesting than they normally are. I love camping, in any kind of a camper, but not so much with the tents once I became an adult. At least you won't be flooded out like your last camping experience and your heat wave is done.

Here's hoping you have a marvelous five days, if nothing else you'll make great memories for the kiddos.

Thad said...

I was sorry to hear that Brainy Boy couldn't come over to "camp" tonight in the backyard with the boys but it sounds like he'll have his share of camping soon enough. I'm sure that you won't have to try very hard to come up with some good stories!

Debbie said...

I look forward to the upcoming juicy scoop that you will undoubtedly share.

I have some fond memories camping with the family and all. We had my whole family and my grandparents in one tent camping in the Carolinas. Fun, fun let me tell you, those are some really great memories.

Crystal Breeze said...

Have fun Jennifer!