Sunday, June 18

Happy Dad's Day

Since I've posted before on the dad-ish qualities of Hero Guy here and here , I'll provide a little synopsis of some of the outstanding qualities I've inherited from my own Dad.

BOOKS: My dad passed on to me an insatiable love of learning, especially through reading books. I actually like to just have books around and I've bought lots of books I haven't even read yet. I generally have 3-4 books going at once and like him, I read primarily non-fiction books from inspirational, biographies, self-development, instructional and on and on. If you want to know anything, I'll find it out for you generally by scouring the web looking for facts on anything from the first line of a song to the benefits and drawbacks to a subtalar implant (my latest research from last night). My own kids would beg to visit Barnes & Noble long before they ever knew about Toys R Us.

SOFT SPOT FOR THE UNDERDOG: As long as I can remember, my dad has been on the lookout for ways to help the less fortunate. It was a regular occurrence to have some lonely soul sitting at our dinner table or walking away with a few extra dollars tucked in his shirt pocket or even bunking on the floor for a night out of the cold. I find myself, in the same fashion, buying ice cream for the sad kid sitting alone at the lunch table at my kids school, bringing an extra Halloween costume to the school parade in case somebody couldn't afford one and scolding the bullies at the playground for picking on the little kid who is trying to build a sand castle.

HUNGER FOR GOD's WORD: This kind of refers to the book and learning thing, but it's more than that. I've always seen my Dad spending time reading the Bible and I have made it a daily habit for myself as well. As a parent, I've come to realize that every answer for life, from how to resolve an argument with Hero Guy to what to do about Brainy Boy needing foot surgery, resides in seeking the truth that can only be found in the Bible. It's the Light that guides me down the path of life and I'm passing that habit on to my kids as well with their quiet time with God each day.

ANALYTICAL MIND: This tends to be more of a male quality in general terms, but I am more of an objective, analytical sort than an emotional decision maker. I count among my favorite books The Birth Order Book because it lets me practice one of my favorite applications - analyzing people and their behavior. I do tend to analyze everything from results of tests to information that I've gathered in various places to the way I react when my kids are driving me to the dark side.

APPRECIATION FOR THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE: My Dad has always been a quality rather than a quantity type of guy. Waiting for the sale at Macy's for the Liz, Anne Taylor and other high-end clothing was more important than running to the closest Fashion Bug to scarf up multiple colors of the same shirt. As a result, I have always gotten a bit of a thrill when I score a great bargain on an item that would otherwise be out of my price range.

PENCHANT FOR CHUNKY ICE CREAM: Well, ice cream in general, but especially flavors with chunks of nuts, chocolate pieces or other stuff that goes 'crunch'. We're not your average chocolate or vanilla type people, that's for sure. And the cheaper stuff won't do, either. Only Breyers and above are suited to these taste buds.

So that's my Dad, and that's me....So there ya go.

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Anonymous said...

That's really great, Jen. It made me cry :) abb

Dad said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!! Father's day should come more often...... I love you Jennifer. You are one of God's most wonderful gifts to me....... !!!! Dad

Cindy said...

Jen, I loved your post about your dad. My own father passed away two years ago, but I am reminded daily of his legacy to me in so many areas. Thank God for wonderful fathers!

Rochelle said...

Very loving tribute for what you described for us as a great DAD!

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing, Awesome Post!

Paula said...

What a wondeful dad! Hope he had a great Father's Day!

Robin said...

I'm so glad you posted to my comments on dads, cause it brought me here to yours. The thing I like best, I think, is the fact your father was able to READ what you wrote :). Can you imagine how GREAT that made him feel? I love it! I'm loving your blog and as I "have time" (you KNOW how blog hopping can suck time!) I look forward to getting to "know" you better.

Oooooo, this is funny--the word verification for me to post says "fudgey bug" (well, not exactly, some letters are missing, but that's what it looks like). Random, I know, but funny.