Tuesday, May 23

The Five of 5's

Five things in my purse:
1) Dental floss.
2) Cuticle oil for my fingernails (and I use it at least once a day).
3) Fisherman's Friend throat lozenges (left over from my laryngitis).
4) Pocket calendar. (I keep this one in addition to the one on my computer desk, the one on my fridge, and the one I tote around with me to meetings).
5) Last week's grocery list with accompanying receipt.

Five things in my closet:
1) At least 12 workout shirts with coordinating shorts.
2) The same number of pants that currently do not fit me, that hopefully will in the next six weeks.
3) An extra vacuum cleaner than has no proper foot (but it vacuums goofed-up haircut remains really well).
4) The Kitty Wiz (the failed attempt at toilet training my cat).
5) A step stool (to shove the ill-fitting shorts to the very back of the closet shelf and then reach them when I'm in the mood to try them on for size).

Five things in my fridge:
1) Slimfast Optima (which promises to make me 3 inches taller and 20 pounds slimmer just by putting in my shopping cart!)
2) A leftover prescription of anti-barf suppositories (up-the-butt-type of medicine) from somebody's unforunate bout of a stomach bug.
3) Cooling cucumber soothing eye pads (not opened yet).
4) A two-week old quart of half-n-half (it used to take me 3 days to go through one of these!)
5) Pepsi One grape-flavored soda (my old childhood favorite grape soda now comes in the no-cal variety!)

Five things in my van:
1) Dental floss.
2) Manicure kit.
3) 2 children's bikes with accompanying helmets (yeah, I had to fold the back seat down to fit them in and the handlebars stab my kids in the back of the head).
4) Workout bag with 2 pair boxing gloves, jump rope and 5-lb weights (and dental floss).
5) A Swiffer duster (to dust my dashboard while I go through the car wash).

Five things in my "junk drawer":
1) Dental floss (Yes, I do realize there is a pattern here).
2) A mini screwdriver set, not missing any pieces.
3) 8 packages of sugar-free gum (stash gets replenished every Friday).
4) Dog and cat vitamins (never used).
5) 3 solar-powered pocket-sized calculators.

4 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

I got a kick out of seeing how many times I saw the dental floss. I for one am not a flosser - oops - did I just say that out loud? But I must say that you can find dental floss stashed in the family room, kitchen, bathroom, truck, car, and office compliments of Bobby.

- Debbie Stewart

Fat Doctor said...

I'm stealing this concept for my blog...tomorrow.

Crystal Breeze said...

I am stealing this too.

Thanks Jennifer.

You can read it in my blog today after 3pm.

Podiatrist Melbourne said...
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