Monday, January 23

WHO Stopped the Hamster Wheel?

It's kind of nice to have the rat race stopped unexpectedly sometimes. We woke up this morning to a blanket of snow, and apparently sleet happened last night as well. At 6:30 am there was a 2 hour delay for school and by 8:30, they had declared it closed for the day. Truthfully, from the viewpoint of our house, we can't figure out why there's no school because the road is clear and there isn't much more white stuff coming down. But on the good side: Cartoons all day (check), jammies till we feel like dressing (check), eating dry cereal in front of the TV (check), Social Studies report due today for Eric (delayed), Brownie Scouts after school (cancelled), Karate after Brownies (cancelled).

Now if I can just drag myself away from the Wiggles on TV, I won't feel like a loser by the end of the day!

2 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Well I am going to admit it was nice the kids had a delay. James who is almost 11 years old watched his younger brother and sister while I got more sleep. When I got up though I found that everyone had pop-tarts including our dog, Lulu.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, I just caught up on your wonderful bloggs today. For some reason I completely missed the butterfly kisses and Profile of a Genius. I just love the stories about your children. So, how was your day with the munchkins? Debbie S